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A warm welcome to

The purpose of this website is simply to introduce our activities, all car-related, and the people running them.

I shall occasionally add a column, as I can hardly resist the satisfaction of sharing a moment of passion or an opinion with you.

As things keep moving, it may be a good idea to register for our free newsletter.

We do not ask many questions and thus you will regularly be the first one to know the latest.

Should you wish to approach us directly with a business request, or a comment, do not hesitate to do so.

We shall also welcome advertising applications.

Details about how to contact us are included elsewhere.

I look forward to a pleasant and fruitful relationship.



PS: I also encourage you to take a look at the ‘high performance’ auction website I advise, If you are selling an ‘interesting’ car, it offers the efficiency of auctions at the price of a classified ad!

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